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Trunk Show: $165
PowerPoint Photo Slide Show and Quilts: $180
Workshop fee: $60/hour up to 10 registrants and $6/hour each additional person.

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Create a Face - 6 hours
Fabric Portraiture

This is fabric portraiture at its simplest.  Start with a whole cloth face silhouette and be guided in transforming it into a face full of expression and begging a name.  Your creation will be ready to place on a welcoming background, highlighting your work.  You might want to follow this class with Free Style Nature Composition in which you will enhance your face and integrate your creation into a free-style landscape environment.  No sewing machine is required.   All skill levels. (Instructor-supplied materials fee $5.00)

I Know That Face! - 12 hours (two class days)

Specific Portrait Fabrication
Transform your cherished photograph into a unique fabric portrait destined to become a family heirloom.  You will capture the likeness of your selected image and also his/her personality while in pursuit of a favorite pastime.  Prerequisite: Create a Face class.  Sewing machine is required on second day.   All skill levels. (Supply kit $5.00)

Free-Syle Nature Composition - 6 hours
Using nature’s palette with prints, hand-dyes, batiks, and embellishment fibers you will capture an inspirational object or scene from nature and observe the magic of embroidery-style threadwork as it provides the realistic creation of 3-D depth.  This class will also offer a chance to explore other methods to further enhance your work: Snippets in Tulle, Building on Felt; Smudged Shadows.  You may choose to bring to class a scene or object, preprinted-on-fabric, or you may provide a fabric creation of your own design such as a tree, a waterfall, an animal, a bird.  (Here is a chance to work with your fabric portrait from Create a Face class.)  Sewing machine is required.  This class is for the adventurous of all skill levels.  (In-class materials fee $5.00)

Thread Painting and More -
a framed piece - 6 hours
Here's an opportunity to bring your sewing machine, basic sewing supplies and yourself to class and have the class supplies waiting for you!   Artist or not, you will be pleasantly surprised at how successful you are at decoratiing a fabric composition with the aid of your sewing machine.  Explore thread painting with a varity of threads, couch fabulous fibers, hi-light and apply shading.  This class will also offer you an opportunity to further enhance your work with Snippets in Tulle, Translucent Layering  and Smudged Shadows.  Upon completion of the class you will have a wall hanging sampler of your work to enjoy and use as a reference at home.  Sewing machine is required.  All skill levels.  (All-materials fee $10.00  which includes stretcher frame and hanging device.)
Recipes for Quilt Art - 3 or 6 hours
Enjoy the opportunity to experiment with a variety of materials and techniques in the exploration of art quilting.  Among the quilt art recipes (length of class depending): tulle and snippets "cloth;" bonded texture and weathering; quilt subject formed on a felt base; painted and heat-manipulated Tyvek; translucent layering; tulle binding.  All "recipe" ingredients provided.  You will leave class with your very own Art Quilt Recipe File Box full of ideas, ready for action.  Sewing machine is helpful but not required if you wish to complete your pinned-together projects at home.   (Follow up this class with Cooking Up an Art Quilt.)  All skill levels.  (All-materials fee $10.00.
Cooking Up an Art Quilt - 3 hours
"Recipes for Quilt Art" class prerequisite:  Design an art quilt inspired by instructor-prepared prompts
and all the "ingredients" necessary to create a wall quilt, including the materials that were explored in the Recipes for Quilt Art class: tulle, felt, Tyvek, paint and more.  All skill levels.  Sewing machine is required.  (Class materials kit, $10.00.)
Elderberries at the Reunion - 6 hours
Adapting a Pattern and Whimsical Fusing

Do you have an urge to capture on cloth an unforgettable family vacation, a fond memory of a group reunion or a humorous scene depicting your friends in action?  The Elderberries pattern “We All Have Our Differences” is the vehicle for the trip down memory lane with class adaptations and techniques to enhance the figures and make the scenes your very own.  A sewing machine is not required as only the speedy might elect to get to machine work during the second half of this class.


Lions and Tigers and Bears!  Oh My! - 6 hours
Kids and Fabric Go Wild!

Young artists with adult companions are invited to join a sewing safari in search of friendly lions, charming tigers, smiley bears, curious elephants or clowny orangutans. You will put your "captured-in-fabric" animal on a banner to hang on your wall.  If you are lucky, your animal will invite you to join him on the banner.  Your face could peek out from between his paws or from behind a wiggly ear.  This workshop will meet three times in order to search for an animal friend and start the pattern preparation, select materials and begin construction, and, finally, complete the banner and add a self-photo.  All ages are welcome and enthusiasm is extra helpful.  Younsters, parents, seniors - a generational safari just for you.